Secure every pull request

Garnet automatically scans your code for vulnerabilties and sensitive data, and alerts you of issues in real-time

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Find and fix security vulnerabilties in code

Garnet intelligently scans every commit for credentials and secrets in your code (such as API tokens, passwords, certificates), and notifies your team on Slack so you can secure your development workflow and prevent supply-chain attacks.


Secure your workflows without leaving your existing tools

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1-Click GitHub integration

Instantly monitor any personal or organizational repository through our native GitHub app. Detect and resolve issues within your existing pull-request workflows.

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Broad coverage

Detect credentials from 150+ providers, or add custom rules to fit your needs. We also provide remediation steps and recommendations so you can prevent incidents in the future.

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Slack-based collaboration

Get alerted in real-time and bring your team members in one place to identify, investigate and resolve security issues. Provide feedback on alerts so they get better over time.

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Lightning-fast scans

Our high-performance static analysis engine is 70% faster than traditional regex-based scanners. Stay secure without slowing down your developers.

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Dependency Analysis (preview)

Go beyond traditional CVE disclosures and proactively detect malicious dependencies through our multi-tired approach to secure your software supply chain.

Prevent costly mistakes before they impact your users
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Securing organizations of all kinds and sizes

Built for developers, by developers

With the rise of open-source software, every software company is vulnerable to supply-chain attacks. We believe that great security doesn't have to come at the cost of developer experience. See what our users have to say:

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