The best way to manage env variables

Garnet provides a central repository to manage environment variables and configs, and lets you sync them with your apps anywhere.

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Single source of truth for your env variables

Store, secure and control access to configuration parameters such as API tokens, service URLs and credentials using a CLI and UI. Inject envionment variables directly into your apps at build or runtime, without managing and exposing secrets in code.

Application Configuration Management

Centrally store, access and deploy configs and secrets across applications, systems and infrastruture.

Data Encryption

Keep sensitive data secured with a centralized workflow to encrypt data at rest and in transit. Garnet is secure by design, and built on industry best-practices.

Works anywhere

Garnet interfaces with environment variables and standard configuration schemas, so it works with any cloud, OS, platform and programming language.

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Quickly fetch your app configs in any environment

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Centralized Workflow

Get rid of scattered configs, manual updates, and keeping records in Docs, Slack, Github etc. Streamline and automate your configuration workflow.

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Single Source of Truth

Update in one place, collaborate and work anywhere. Track changes across your tools, apps and people.

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Manage and automatically sync config across your dev, CI/CD, staging or production environments, on any platform.

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Audit Logs

Automate compliance and security through audit logs for every config change and across your team.

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Auto Injection and Sync

Your configs are injected from your vault into your apps automatically on demand, the moment they start.

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Team Collaboration

Work with other developers and teams in one place, and keep a track of who did what.

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Open-source and Self-hosted

Easily deploy Garnet inside your own private cloud environment to ensure security and reliability. Keep full control over your sensitive data.

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Role-based Access Control

Assign granular permissions to members of your organization to enforce access controls.

Stop struggling with .env files, boost your productivity.
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